There is no time for play when its a musical.

13 Jan There is no time for play when its a musical.

After having a short break for the holiday season, we now transition into what we call “play season”.  That’s right, this is the time where shows overlap, dozens of wireless microphones are being rented and the days become longer.  From mid January to the end of April is a busy season, but its also rewarding one.  During that time we get the opportunity to see some amazing shows.  It takes a lot to put a musical together.  There are weeks of rehearsals.  Stagehands building and painting scenery.  Cast members learning their lines and music.  And the list goes on.  But all that work is for nothing if the audience can’t hear or see the performers on stage.  And that is where we come in.

Most of the schools we service are returning customers that we have established a relationship with for many years, and each year we build new relationships.  This is mainly by word-of-mouth.  Its a real privilege to have someone recommend your services to a potential client because of the exceptional work you provide.

For the most part, each school has the usual that they need for their show.  12-16 wireless microphones, a mixer, 2 speakers, a few stage microphones and a technician for the week.  Others can become more elaborate.  Color changing LED stage lights, monograms, snow machines, fog machines, choir mics, pipe and drape, stage extensions, and so much more.  But whatever it is, CMT Sound Systems can provide it.  We have many speakers to choose from along with digital and analog consoles of many sizes and over 75 wireless microphone systems in our inventory.  We also have a variety of LED lighting fixtures, stage decks and pipe and drape.  If you need to rent the equipment, or have us provide the full event production with technicians, call CMT Sound Systems.

The shop is all clean and ready for this busy season ahead of us.


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