Lighting Equipment

LED Par Rental

  • 12-10 watt RGBW LED’s in each fixture
  • Double yoke for floor standing
  • Use minimal power
  • Connect to a console for single color, color scroll or strobe effects.

Great for event uplighting or stage lighting!

Followspot Rentals

  • 7 built in colors + white
  • Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,
  • Magenta, UV and Purple
  • Electronic dimmer (0%-100%)
  • Tripod stand included

Fog Machine Rentals

  • Antari Z1200
  • Includes full tank of fluid

Haze Machine Rental

  • Chauvet AmHaze II
  • Water Based Fluid included
  • High output for large venues

Low Lying Fog Machine Rental

  • Antari Ice 101
  • Uses ice cubes or dry ice
  • Full tank of fluid included

Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash Moving Head

  • 19- 15 watt RGBW LEDs
  • Pixel Mapping
  • Zoom 12-49 degrees

Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot

  • 240 Watt LED
  • 2 color wheels
  • 2 gobo wheels
  • Gobo morphing
  • 3 facet prism with frost
  • Motorized Iris

Lighting Truss Rental

  • 12×12 box truss
  • Assorted Sizes

Lighting Console Rental

  • Assorted Sizes

LED Leko

  • 19 Degree
  • 24 Degree
  • 36 Degree
  • 50 Degree
Blizzard LB Hex wireless uplighting

Battery Powered Wireless LED Uplighting Rentals

  • Battery Powered
  • Wireless DMX
  • Remote controlled color options

Bistro Lighting Services

What you have seen are some of our basic lighting packages for rent. We have many other packages not shown. Please call for a package that is right for your event.

All rentals are delivery only.  No customer pick up.  Prices above do not include the delivery charge or taxes.