Feedback…the good kind

17 Sep Feedback…the good kind

Today’s topic is about feedback.  And no not the annoying kind that ruins a show.  I’m talking about customer feedback.  A few weeks ago we provided sound, backline and lighting for a wedding in Connecticut.  The band was flying in from out of state so we had to provide everything they needed.  It was a fairly easy setup except for the 2 hour ride to get there.  Today I received the final payment in the mail and enclosed was a letter thanking us for our professionalism and helpful service.  After reading this all I could do was smile.  It feels really good when a customer takes a few minutes to say how they felt about our services.  Many people don’t understand what it takes to put an event together.  Its a lot of hard work from the emails and paperwork to the final setup at the event.  So Justine, from all of us at CMT Sound Systems, we are very pleased to hear your wedding day was a success and it was a pleasure providing everything your band needed.


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