Changes coming for 2016

10 Nov Changes coming for 2016

With 2015 coming to a close end, we look back at what has been accomplished and how we want this company to grow in the new year.  Certainly there have been some new challenges.  But with any growing business, you face those challenges and keep on moving.  One of our accomplishments is the additions to our inventory.  Our mobile stage trailer was finished being built in June and sent out on its first production for the New Jersey Sharing Networks 5K run in New Providence.  For years we rented mobile stages for our events, but in 2014 we decided it was time for CMT Sound Systems to own one.  The purchase was a good choice.  Our backline department added many new things too.  Guitars, amplifiers and pedals just to name a few.  Our lighting department has also expanded and will grow even more in 2016.  We added new LED fixtures for stage washes and uplighting and we have new LED moving wash and spot fixtures coming in soon that are sure to impress any audience.  New box trussing will also be added.

From January to April we have many plays, musicals and theatre productions.  Most of these rentals and productions are with schools, churches and community theaters.  Our wireless mic rental inventory is constantly growing each year.  With 80 units in house, we expect that number to reach 100 or even 120 for this upcoming season.  We only use Shure and Sennheiser wireless so check back for new purchases.

After the musicals are done and the warm weather rolls in, we have the outdoor events starting.  Our JBL Vertec line array will be powered by new Crown IT4x3500 amplifiers.  We have been using the Crown XTi series for many years with our JBL VRX/SRX system along with our Vertec system.  Some audiences are around 10, 000 people and these larger amplifiers with help.

Back in December 2014 we purchased a Yamaha QL5 Console.  A new digital snake will be added this year with stage boxes.

I am sure there will be a lot more equipment added as the year goes on so check back often to see what is available.

Lastly, we also want to look back on the new relationships we have built with clients.  When I started this business back in 2001, I never thought it was going to become a full production company.  There are many reasons a small business can fail but keeping a good relationship with your clients is key.  Clients that recommend you to other prospective clients are a great way to expand your business and that has been a huge part of how CMT Sound Systems has grown.  Other factors are providing the right products, competitive pricing and a good work ethic.

So even though there are still about 50 days left till the new year, we want to thank all our past customers and are looking forward to working with our new ones.



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