A great review from Natalie

05 Feb A great review from Natalie

From time to time we have customers take a few minutes to say thank you for our services.  Below is an email I received from Natalie.  She rented a projector and screen to Skype her family.  Thank you Natalie for the great email.


Hi Chris!

First, I wanted to apologize for returning the equipment late yesterday.  My husband got sick in the morning and I was waiting to see if he was feeling better before I left and lost track of time.
Second, I used your projector to Skype my Sister-in-Laws mother and brother who both live in Peru from the party.  Seeing her reaction made us all so emotional!  Thank you for renting me out reliable equipment which was able to assist in making her day special!
Last, thank you for being kind, professional, and willing to help.  It isn’t that often anymore that you find professionals with a nice attitude….so thank you!  One of the restaurant owners requested your info so I hope the restaurant contacts you for future events.
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